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Think Ingredients Preservation

Clean label preservatives 

We help the food industry maintain the critical balance between consumer demand for natural sources and clean labels and food safety and preservation. 
THiNK Ingredients uses the latest food preservatives to help our customers achieve their shelf-life targets with minimal flavour implication:  

Think Ingredients

Naturally fermented antimicrobials 

Think Ingredients


Think Ingredients - Quality


Improve product quality

Think Ingredients
Think Ingredients
Think Ingredients
Think Ingredients

Consumers will not compromise on quality, and neither should you! We work alongside our clients to develop great quality products using the newest ingredient innovations.

Improve water binding

Optimize texture

Extend shelf-life
Reduce oxidation

Together we can balance consumer demands with the limits of modern food science without compromising on quality.


Think Ingredients

Unique vegetables
with reduced purge 

Think Ingredients

Gluten-free bread
with great texture

Think Ingredients - Taste


Clean labels can taste great!

Artificial flavours. Synthetic sweeteners. Synthetic flavour enhancers. Recent advancements in food technology have made these traditional additives obsolete. With the latest natural plant derivatives, we can create great tasting food in any season or location. Imagine the possibilities! 

Think Ingredients - Vegetable-based flavour enhancer

Vegetable-based flavour enhancer

Think Ingredients - Vegetable proteins

Vegetable proteins
that taste great

Think Ingredients - Nutrution


Make nutrition a priority

With the right expertise, making food healthy has never been easier.
Our latest nutritional ingredients include: 

Make nutrition a priority

Join the food revolution!

Request time with our R&D experts.

Think Ingredients - Spices
Think Ingredients - Hypoallergenic proteins

Hypoallergenic proteins

Think Ingredients - Textured protein solutions

Textured protein solutions

Think Ingredients - Freshly harvested vegetables

Freshly harvested vegetables
with no preservatives

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