More than ever before there is pressure to change the way we eat. Source local. Choose organic. Farm-to-fork. Avoid processed foods. Eat healthy. More protein. Less fat. Less salt. No preservatives. And it all needs to taste great and be available when we want it! Is it possible to achieve this in today’s world in a meaningful, scalable and sustainable way?
At THiNK Ingredients, we are convinced we can. The days of using chemical food additives are limited - people want food that they understand and recognize. We understand the function of chemical additives but instead, offer label-friendly alternatives to make foods of the best quality, nutrition, safety and taste.


Replace traditional ingredients like phosphate and soy protein with the latest in clean label meat ingredients.

Concerned about Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli in your meat plant? We use the latest food safety technology to combat pathogens and protect your brand. 


When it comes to baking, simple is better. THiNK Ingredients helps old-world recipes survive in the modern world with the latest clean label ingredients.


Whether you’re working on soups, snacks or sauces, our clean label ingredients will enhance your food product’s shelf life, taste, quality and nutrition.


Replacing the functionality of gluten can be a challenge! Our clean label texture modifiers will transform your gluten-free product from good to great.



Plant-based foods taste better than ever with the latest in textured vegetable protein technology, functional water-binding polymers and plant-derived shelf-life extenders. 


Join the food revolution!
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