In an industry that’s well-established, dare to think differently! 

Fueled by science, we’re propelling the North American food industry forward in terms of nutrition and global sustainability. Because to feed the world, you need to think differently. 

Today’s consumers demand more from their food. Are you delivering clean label ingredients that are nutritious, sustainable, long-lasting and delicious? Science is already there. Advances in food science are making nutritious, safe, high-quality food that tastes great available on a global scale.

By combining new food technologies with consumer demand for healthy ingredients we are leading food manufacturing companies like yours towards sustainable solutions that can feed the world.

Are you ready to lead the new food revolution?

Our team has years of product development expertise which we use to help customers reduce formulation and lab time. We address the complex issue of taste and overcome the challenges of replacing traditional additives with new, natural alternatives.

Our focus on science and innovation allows us to keep our customers informed about the latest ingredient technologies and more importantly how the science translates into foods that are label-friendly, nutritious, safe and taste great.

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At Think Ingredients, we streamline your R&D by using cutting-edge science to:

Prolong freshness 

Increase shelf life

Enhance nutrition 

Reduce cost-in-use

The end result is delicious food that’s better, fresher and smarter.